iceoryx Support
iceoryx Support

  • Custom Feature Development
  • Trainings on the iceoryx Ecosystem
  • Integration Support
  • Consulting

Feature Development

  • Open-Source Zero-Copy Communication with iceoryx
  • Accelerated Feature Development
  • Custom Specializations via iceoryx2 Interfaces
  • Many Years of iceoryx Expertise
  • Seamless Integration & Engineering Support

Rust & FPGA Support (Xilinx Zynq)

  • AXI Memory Map
  • AXI Streaming
  • Firmware Upload
  • Pure Rust without C or C++
  • Seamless Integration with iceoryx2
  • Vivado Setup
  • Consulting and Training

Training And Consulting

  • Trainings
  • iceoryx and its Ecosystem
  • Rust or C++ Training with Focus on Embedded Software
  • Consulting Services
  • Code reviews
  • System architecture consultations
  • Achieving certifiable software per ISO 26262 standards

Engineering Services

  • Specialized engineering services for
  • Mission-Critical Systems
  • Network Communication
  • Inter-Process Communication in both C++ and Rust.

Certification Support

  • MC/DC Test Coverage Strategies
  • Memory Handling in Deterministic Environments
  • Documentation and Requirements Alignment
  • Lock-Free Code Testing and Verification
  • Efficient and Secure API Designs
  • Error Handling and Reporting Concepts
  • Static Code Analysis and Rule Set Evaluation
  • Strategies for Avoiding Non-Deterministic Library Calls